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In September and October you can visit the office only on previous agreement. You can reserve the visit time by telephone/e-mail for the hours from 10 to 17. We apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused!

In consecutive interpreting, the process goes on as follows: a speaker speaks dividing his speech into segments containing one up to five sentences depending on the complexity of text, and an interpreter renders the message into target language. An interpreter is allowed to take notes and use it for interpretation.

Consecutive interpreting is a suitable way of interpreting if duration of the event does not exceed 4 hours in succession, audience is not big, and you have enough time – you certainly have to take into account that it shall take approximately twice more time as a speaker and interpreter shall not speak simultaneously but in turn. For all that, the advantage of consecutive interpreting is that it enables a speaker to collect his or her thoughts while an interpreter speaks.

If you order consecutive interpreting service, we would recommend you to forward us as much information regarding the event as possible – from the subject of event to vocabulary to be used by speakers. It is required to inform us about the place, date and time of event. Information regarding the schedule, number of speakers and size of audience is always hailed. The more detailed information you forward to us, the more likely is that the interpreting shall be a success, and participants of the event shall be satisfied with it.